During this holiday season Blue Watch wants to extend a Christmas wish to all officers and their families.

We want to express a special thank you to all those who will be working. Thank you for your sacrifice!

New Officer Initiative

Blue Watch wants to reach officers and deputies at the start of their career by providing them resources to help them survive, thereby avoiding pitfalls that could destroy their career and family.

We do this by meeting with and encouraging graduates of the police academies. We provide them a copy of the books “Suicide is Not an Option” and “Winning A Gunfight.” 

In November, we presented to 65 graduates of the Northeast Alabama Police Academy in Jacksonville.

A special thanks to Director Steve Thomas for allowing us to participate.

Year-End Giving

2022 has been a great year! Through training and other initiatives we reached over 700 officers, representing over 100 different agencies from across the state.

A great year lies ahead in 2023 as we work to provide officers and their families the resources to have a clear mind and a whole heart. To reach these goals will require doubling our budget. Please consider making Blue Watch part of your year-end giving.

To donate, visit our donation page or mail a check made payable to Blue Watch, at 2620 Swiss Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226.

Blue Watch is a 501c(3) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.

Order Your Book Today

Blue Watch wants officers to have a clear mind and a whole heart. On our website we offer resources that we believe will help them. Currently we offer the following books:

“Winning A Gunfight…securing victory ethically, mentally and tactfully in a gunfight”: There is much more to winning a gunfight than just physically surviving. Most who are in gunfights survive but may not win. Learn the difference and how you can survive and win.

  • “Suicide Is Not an Option”: Each year 2.5-3 times more officers take their own life than are murdered in the line of duty. Despite the efforts of many, the suicide rate amongst law enforcement officers continues to rise. A retired police sergeant and author, Tim Rupp, explores the spiritual aspects and argues there is meaning to life beyond the individual.
  • “Courageous Living Bible Study”: This four-session Bible study is designed to challenge you to live courageously for the sake of your family. Based on the movie “Courageous,” session topics include fighting for your family, valuing what matters most, impacting future generations, and standing for Christ.

To order your FREE book, visit our Book Giveaway page and let us know which book you would like!

Once you have read the book, please share with us your thoughts, good or bad, and we hope you will pass along the book to a fellow officer.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support the Blue Watch mission:

  • Pray – we need prayer warriors who will pray for us on an ongoing basis and at special events.
  • Volunteer – we are in need of people who will help manage our website, social media and other aspects of the ministry. If the mission of Blue Watch is of interest to you and you have a skillset to offer, consider Blue Watch.
  • Donate – it takes money to make all of this happen. The Lord greatly blessed us in 2020, but to continue our progress will require increased giving. You can give online or by check.

If any of these are of interest to you, please email us at info@bluewatchfoundation.org.

Support the Mission

Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to Blue Watch. It is through the faithful giving of many across the state that has made all we have done possible, and to continue the mission, will require greater community support.

If you feel led to support, you can donate by visiting our donation page or by making a check payable to Blue Watch and mailing to 2620 Swiss Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226.

Blue Watch is a 501c(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

The mission of Blue Watch is to help officers and their families experience the relevance and benefits of God in their lives.