Watching over those who watch over us

Bluewatch is a 501c3 non-profit Christ-centered organization dedicated to the professional, emotional and spiritual development of law enforcement and their families. Our final objective is for the officers and their families to experience the relevance and benefits of God in their lives.

About Us

Our mission is carried out on a four-fold strategy. While each strategy is independent of the others, they are designed to complement and support one another, not only assisting officers but also creating a two-way street of service from the community to officers and from the officers back to the community. This provides a way for the community to invest in the lives of the officers that serve them on a daily basis.

Workshops and seminars

Multiple events will be held each year with a focus on leadership, emotional well-being and physical wellness. These events will be led by local and nationally recognized experts in the fields. All training will qualify for continuing education credits with APOST.


Officers will be given the opportunity to meet regularly with a mentor for improvement of leadership skills, career development or advice on life, personal or family issues. This strategy will pair officers one-on-one with coaches, retired officers, or current older or more experienced officers who can serve them as mentors.

Professional Services

We will arrange professional help from therapist, psychologist and chaplains to assist those officers needing more specialized attention on emotional, spiritual or family-related issues (anxiety, depression, marital crisis, child-rearing, dependencies, substance abuse, lack of forgiveness, guilt, etc.)

Service Opportunities

We believe that personal wholeness cannot be achieved without including service as a mode of life. Officers often deal only with the negative aspects of a community and seldom have opportunities to engage the community in a more positive manner. Opportunities to get involved, on both short-term and ongoing basis, will be available both locally and internationally. Internationally, the officers will be exposed to serving law enforcement in those areas of the world.


This is a non-profit organization that attempts to provide the greatest amount of service possible at the least cost possible. Our desire is to provide service to the officers for free or at a very low cost. Support comes from churches, businesses and individuals. Contributors also help by contributing goods or in-kind services.

Burke Swearingen, Executive Director

Burke has had a passion for law enforcement since a young age and often dreamed of being a police officer. While attending college at Auburn University he decided to pursue a law enforcement career and joined the Auburn Police force as a reserve officer in 1980. After college, he served with the Jackson, AL Police Dept before joining the Homewood Police Department in 1984. Burke served in Homewood for 23 years and retired as Chief of Police in 2007. In 2007 he joined the private sector and currently holds the position of Physical Security Manager with a large Birmingham based corporation.

For most of Burke’s adult life, he has been actively involved in the youth ministry of Shades Mountain Baptist Church. However, in 2015 in felt the Lord telling him to do something different, something that would take the gospel message outside the church walls. In 2016, after a series of events, the Lord began to show him that he wanted Burke to begin a ministry that focused on the needs of police officers and their families. After much prayer and counsel, he decided to launch a ministry and in early 2019 formed Blue Watch. Blue Watch is a nonprofit dedicated to the professional, emotional and spiritual development of law enforcement officers and their families.

Burke lives in Birmingham, is happily married and is the proud father of two teenage children.

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