Sun Tzu and Officer Mindset Resiliency

After many setbacks, Jim Bontrager who was scheduled to speak in April finally made it to Birmingham. He was here the week of August 31 and spoke to 104 officers at four different departments during the week.

On Monday, Jim began at the Hoover Police Department, then went to Vestavia Hills, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and he finished out the week at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department where he spoke to the entire Command Staff. Jim is a gifted speaker who has a unique way of engaging the culture and encourages officers to live a life of integrity as they face evil in the world. It was a great week as he was able to challenge, inspire and encourage many in our law enforcement community.

The reviews were outstanding and many have asked for Jim to return. Stay tuned as he may be back for a second round in 2021.

Video Blogs to Be Released Soon

As a way to continually engage the law enforcement community and provide content that will challenge and inspire our officers, in the very near future, Blue Watch will release a series of vlogs.

The plan is to release one vlog each week through Facebook and upload them to the foundation’s website. It’s our desire to offer messages that will be of benefit to officers in these challenging days. As you view these, please offer your feedback. We want to ensure we offer content that helps those in the law enforcement community. If there is a particular topic you would like addressed, let us know. If you would like to record one yourself that is great too. We welcome your participation. Please send any questions or comments to

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