We Had a Fantastic Fall Conference

Wow!! What a turnout! The Lord continues to amaze me at how he is blessing the efforts of everyone at BlueWatch. Attendance at this year’s leadership conference exceeded all expectations. We broke another record. There were 121 officers in attendance representing over 30 agencies from across the state. Overall total, counting volunteers and guests, was over 140 in attendance. For 19 agencies, it was their first time to attend one of our events and some drove well over two hours to get here. Each of the five speakers brought their own unique style and spoke of their own experiences and how humility had played an important role in their life.


It was a great day of learning, networking and fellowship as the officers learned about the greatest of all leadership principles, humility. Here are just a few of the many positive comments shared at the conclusion of the day’s events; “Very good training”“ I really enjoyed the enthusiasm the speakers displayed” and the class will assist me as a leader.”

This event was no different from the others. It took many people sacrificing and working together to make it happen. A special word of thanks to our host, Jefferson State Community College and our sponsor, Southern Software Solutions. A word of thanks is also in order for the many volunteers and our speakers, Richard Simmons, Dan Pahos, Keith Phillips, Manual Zarate and Randal McFarland.

Plans are already underway for our Spring Conference and other learning events in the year ahead. Please be in prayer for these efforts and help us spread the word about the mission of Blue Watch.

Spring Conference – April 23, 2020

Our next conference speaker will be Jim Bontrager, a veteran law enforcement instructor, communicator and U.S. Marine. Join us as he presents Sun Tzu and the Officer Resiliency Mindset “Psychological Resiliency Principles for Modern Day Policing,” on Thursday, April 23 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Location TBA. You will receive 7 hours of accredited instruction for this event.


You don’t want to miss this event! Watch for more information in the coming months.


FREE Online Webinar on November 21

Life can be tough, especially for first responders and their families. You deserve access to the best resources around so that you can learn to thrive rather than merely survive. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the live webinar Watch Your Six: Because Making it Home is Just the Beginning.” The webinar is FREE! It will also be LIVE, which means you’ll have access to ask questions. You can connect from home, work, or anywhere else that is convenient.


The webinar will consist of two parts, and the first is on Thursday, November 21, 2019. For more information or to register, go to this link > Watch Your Six Webinar.


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The ability of Blue Watch to carry out its mission of helping officers and their families experience the relevance and benefits of God in their lives cannot happen without the financial support of the community. If this is something you feel led to support, you can do so by visiting BlueWatchFoundation.org and clicking “Donate” or you can make a check payable to Blue Watch and mail to 2620 Swiss Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226.


If you would like more information about Blue Watch and our mission, contact us at info@bluewatchfoundation.org.