Help Us End the Deadly Statistics

2019 was a tragic year for Alabama law enforcement. Our state saw seven officers die in the line of duty, and all but one death were due to felonious gunfire. Not since 2004 has there been more law enforcement deaths in Alabama when nine officers died in the line of duty. However, while violence towards toward officers is on the increase, and it seems that there is nothing we can do to curb this trend, let’s not forget there is something more staggering than guns and knives killing officers and their families. It is suicide! Yes, suicide is the leading cause of death for men and women in law enforcement. For many who don’t end up taking their own lives, divorce, PTSD, depression and financial crisis are a bigger enemy than criminals. While we do not and should not tolerate the killing of officers, the other tragedies seem to be accepted as “part of the job.” Or “well, it just goes with the territory.” It doesn’t have to be this way and it is something we should not accept.


Officers are well trained to protect us and themselves from the dangers of gunfire, but what about the rest of the dangers they face? Many officers either don’t realize they face such internal enemies, or they are ill equipped to find the help they need. Many are unaware of what is going on beneath the vest.


This is where Blue Watch steps in. We are dedicated to the professional, emotional and spiritual well-being of officers and their families. We believe that if an officer shows up to a call with a clear head and a whole heart, then the chances of him or her making the right decision increases dramatically. This is why it is important for the community to invest in the officers that protect our communities. And this is the mission of Blue Watch. There are lots of exciting things planned for 2020. Stay tuned for more information to be announced in the weeks ahead.

February Leadership Workshop

Join us for our first ever leadership workshop lead by Manuel Zarate. The workshop will be held Thursday, February 27, from 8:30-11:30 a.m. at the Vestavia Hills Police Department. The topic will be “Transformational communication…the power of words to motivate, increase productivity, empower personnel, and make great decisions!” Due to the generous donations from supporters and community involvement, cost to attend is only $15.00. The workshop will allow attendees to interact with one another and learn how to apply these principles to their unique situations. This will be a much smaller event than our spring and fall conferences. Registration is limited to only 50 participants. Be on the lookout for full workshop details and registration information in the coming days. Three hours APOST credits will be awarded.

Spring Conference

Our next conference speaker will be Jim Bontrager, a veteran law enforcement instructor, communicator and U.S. Marine. Join us as he presents Sun Tzu and the Officer Resiliency Mindset “Psychological Resiliency Principles for Modern Day Policing,”on Thursday, April 23 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, at the Bessemer Civic Center. You will receive 7 hours of accredited instruction for this event. Registration opens March 1.


You don’t want to miss this event! Watch for more information in the coming months.

Support the Mission
Please prayerfully consider making Blue Watch part of your annual giving. To do all we hope to do in 2020 will require greater community support. If this is something you feel led to support there are two ways you can give:
  • Visit our website and click the “Donate” button.
  • Make a check payable to Blue Watch and mail to 2620 Swiss Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226.